Thursday, 17 September 2009

Saving Britain's Past and predicting the lottery

A tall order for one week. But they were two British TV programmes we made a guest appearance in this week. BBC2's 'Saving Britain's Past' was an excellent programme on the 'fight for Covent Garden Market' from the developers in the 1970s. Fabulous footage and pictures of the fruit and veg market from Clive Boursnell's book. The shot of our doorway hopefully represented the 'seductive' side of the modern Covent Garden. One of our theatres also popped up on Derren's Brown programme on Channel 4. Illustrating "The Wisdom of Crowds" something to do with an Ox (Simon had to draw the Ox as the real play used was lacking) anyway the theory was part of him Predicting the Lottery Numbers. A master of mind control, Derren Brown has been into the shop - but we were rather worried he had hypnotised us to hand over our days takings. And to show how versatile we are on TV, we featured earlier on in the year in the BBC's 'Changing of the Bard' Ian Hislop's illuminating programme on the history of the Poet Laureate. 

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